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Apex Industrial Real Estate Advisors is a full-service industrial real estate brokerage firm based in Atlanta, GA. Our personalized and detailed approach combines market expertise with a relentless work ethic to tackle any requirement presented to us. We advise industrial real estate Owners, Tenants, Investors and Developers by providing creative solutions.


Tenant / Buyer Representation

We use a personalized, thorough approach to understand key drivers for your business as a critical step to secure the best building for your organization.


Landlord / Seller Representation

It is paramount to have a local market expert to maximize your real estate investment. Our proactive marketing plans ensure the process is effortless for our Sellers / Landlords and that we are reaching the highest possible return.


Investment Sales

Industrial property investment has become one of the most preferred asset classes for investors globally. We provide market and contractual expertise while identifying sale-leaseback and off-market acquisition opportunities.



We understand the market environment's challenges to help our clients navigate these unchartered times to prepare aggressive and attractive offers.

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Tenant / Buyer Representation

Apex Industrial offers a unique, personalized approach for companies looking to lease or purchase an industrial property. From international companies with hundreds of facilities worldwide, to local startups looking for their first location, we bring an open-minded and tailored perspective to meet the needs and desires of every client we service.

We believe one of the keys to assisting our clients is to understand and help define the key business operations and main drivers of the real estate decision-making process. Price, location, occupancy date, lease term, column spacing, clear height, loading, tenant improvements required, outside storage, trailer parking, tax incentives, availability of labor, etc. should be considered when determining which building is the best option for each organization.

Tenant / Buyer representation today is more difficult than it has ever been. As a result, working with a market expert who will work tirelessly to find the best industrial building has never been more crucial. Given the limited available inventory in today's market, it takes a "no stones left unturned" work effort to find buildings to meet our clients' needs. Not only do we evaluate buildings publicly marketed via CoStar, LoopNet, Crexi, etc., but we also work directly with Landlords, Sellers, and Listing Brokers to identify off-market opportunities.

  • Search for Buildings for Lease or Purchase
  • Relocations
  • Consolidations
  • Lease Renewal Negotiations
  • Expansions / Downsizing
  • Build to Suits
  • Subleasing
  • Labor / Tax Incentive Analysis

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Landlord / Seller Representation

With today's lack of available inventory, it is crucial for a market expert to ensure you maximize your real estate investment. Rental rates and sale prices are changing weekly and Apex Industrial makes it a top priority to gather the most up-to-date and accurate market intel. Once awarded a listing, we will routinely provide leasing activity reports, real-time lease comparables, competitive property analysis, and additional necessary data.

Given the recent unprecedented demand for industrial properties, it is common to exceed underwriting projections from years past. At Apex Industrial, it is our responsibility to reach the highest possible return for each property we list. We ensure no penny is left on the table to continuously exceed our client's expectations. We proactively plan a detailed and comprehensive marketing strategy before we ever list a property.

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COVID's impact on the global supply chain, and the expansion of e-commerce, caused industrial real estate to become one of the most preferred asset classes for investors across the world. Apex Industrial can help investors expand their industrial asset portfolio in this competitive landscape.

One of our preferred services is identifying off-market acquisition opportunities for our clients. We routinely source single tenant and muti-tenant industrial properties owned by local investors who are not actively marketing their assets but would consider a disposition under the right circumstances. While we assist in underwriting these off-market assets on the front end, we also partner with our clients after acquisition to provide leasing services.

We often source a sale-leaseback that can be an attractive transaction and mutually beneficial for an owner-user and an investor. Owner-users often desire to take money from real estate and use it in another avenue to operate or grow their business, which can be a safer investment.

The current competition for marketed investment sale acquisition opportunities is unprecedented so it is important to work with a local brokerage firm like Apex Industrial to ensure your underwriting is accurate and aggressive. Rental rates, escalations, abatement, tenant improvement allowances, downtime, etc. are continuously changing and we routinely work with investors to provide Market Leasing Assumptions based on our local expertise.

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The demand for well located sites for industrial development has never been more competitive. Given the shortage of materials and labor, construction costs are at unprecedented levels and it is increasingly difficult for developers to find opportunities that are feasible. Apex Industrial understands the challenges facing owners and users. Landlords are now hesitant to even quote an asking rate or commencement date, and thus Tenants are unable to determine their potential occupancy date and costs. Partnering with a firm like Apex Industrial to assist through this process can be essential to managing expectations.

The list of experts it takes to bring an industrial development from raw land to a completed project is extensive. The process starts before even making an initial offer to purchase the property and wouldn't be possible without a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals. Apex Industrial works in close partnership with numerous architects, engineers, contractors, environmental consultants, attorneys, etc. to assist our clients throughout the process.

Our team of industrial real estate experts are constantly working to identify potential development sites. While we always monitor publicly marketed land, we also have extensive focus on identifying off-market opportunities and our persistence often leads to excellent opportunities for our owner/user and investor clients.

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Every day, the Apex Industrial team works relentlessly for our clientele. Coming together from various parts of the southeast, we continuously utilize our expertise to create a community of satisfied clients.

Whether you're an industrial tenant, seller, investor, or developer - local, national, or international - Apex is here for you. Get to know us better by phone, email, or using the contact form below.


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